It’s one thing to see one potentially good film in an evening out, but what about seeing six. It’s time to introduce you to On The Boil, the short film festival exposing the latest rumblings from our very own talented filmmakers.

Happening on the 20th of July at the wonderful Fugard Theatre, On The Boil is an attempt to showcase emerging talent. By all accounts the talent involved with these films speak for themselves already. The night is an experience not to be missed, attended by time-travelling Be Phat Motel, exciting new director Karlind Govender, critically acclaimed photographer Dale Yudelman, Cannes Film Festival darlings Pieter Hugo and Michael Cleary, industry veteran Garrreth Bird and the hypnotically macabre Black Milk Productions. With no entrance fee, the night is sure to have immense value (there will be an opportunity to donate what you think the night was worth).

Many South African filmmakers have no platform to get their films out to you when all they want is to entertain and awe. This is the challenge Karlind Govender and Garrreth Bird found themselves in with their respective films. They got together and decided to make it an event, inviting tip top talent to showcase their productions all together. Two heads are better than one and the theory is no different with six wholly unique films.  Did we mention there is no entrance fee, but you may pay what you feel the night was worth to you.

Enough chat, you must be wondering what you can expect on the night, let me try to tempt you with the following:

Hive by Garrreth Bird
If human nature were a hive, what would our queen be? The idea behind Hive is to challenge the viewer’s perspective on history and what can be learned from the “lesser” order species.

Control by Pieter Hugo and Michael Cleary
Spoek Mathambo is an artist always on the move and in this his cover of Joy Division’s “Shes Lost Control.” With numerous awards, this should be well worth a watch.

Witness by Dale Yudelman
The collective imagination of many is a powerful thing, come see that in action when a burnt out car is discovered just off Long Street.

Anatoemy by Karlind Govender
Karlind’s debut film “Hits the bent nail on the head” says VICE magazine. Promising to be off the wall and absurd, an impression is guaranteed.

Sweetheart by Be Phat Motel
Brought to you courtesy of a time machine, Sweetheart will thrill you with its amazing production value and its vision of our future from the past.

Jornada Del Muerto by BlackMilk Productions
A grim love story that challenges your perspective of death, war and destruction, the film is sure to linger in your mind long after you’ve left your seats.

All in all, One The Boil looks like an exciting night out with the promise of enthralling and enlightening it’s guests. Be sure not to miss it.