Do cemeteries give you the creeps? Normally they aren’t the most relaxing places to visit. An Italian project, seeking to promote the realization of “green cemeteries” wants to change the way we honor our dead and construct our cemeteries.

The project, called Capsula Mundi, envisions cemeteries full of trees instead of tombstones. Capsula Mundi is the name of the coffin design. It shall be an egg shaped container made of starch and plastic. The coffin will be 100% biodegradable. Bodies will be placed in the fetal position and a seed, a seed chosen by the deceased in life, will be planted on top of the capsule.

The Capsula Mundi project seeks to return humans to the earth, to integrate them into a new, lively environment. The organisers write on their website “A cemetery will no longer be full of tombstones and will become a sacred forest”. The green movement converges with a new, more accepting, circular vision of death to create this novel Capsula Mundi project. A cemetery can be turned into a forest, leaving the living something to look at, to nourish and appreciate, to breathe in. Dead cement and manicured lawns don’t capture the beauty of living.
Poetree is another variant of planting trees to honour the dead. The urn is biodegradable and the tree, life, can grow where before there was only death.

Click HERE to check out a video and visit the official website HERE.
Source: Capsula Mundi
Images:,,, and Margaux Ruyant