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one small seed #30: Italian Artist Walking Through Walls

Matteo Pugliese had the art of sculpture down way before he pursued any formal education. Now, his sculptures literally walk through walls. Can’t believe it? See for yourself:

Swirling, Naked…. Angelo Musco’s Haunting ‘Bodyscapes’

Italian-bornĀ Angelo Musco has a life journey as unique as his art; this guy is no average Joe. From birth he weighed in at a whopping 6.5 kilos after 11 months in the womb. Causing great complications during birth, Musco became trapped and turned blue and in a critical state he was rushed to hospital, leaving...
The Eco Movement: A New Vision for Cemeteries

The Eco Movement: A New Vision for Cemeteries

Do cemeteries give you the creeps? Normally they aren’t the most relaxing places to visit. An Italian project, seeking to promote the realization of “green cemeteries” wants to change the way we honor our dead and construct our cemeteries.   The project, called Capsula Mundi, envisions cemeteries full of trees instead of tombstones. Capsula Mundi...