When life gives you lemons, it’s simply because you deserve it. But when life gives you Inge Beckmann, a camera kit and backstage passes, well then you know it’s about time you gave life something back. This very notion motivated us as we set out to follow the dark-haired vocalist perform gigs at the admirable City Hall Sessions followed by Music Without Borders: a transition, which rendered undeniable. Of course headlining the Music Without Borders initiative at Mercury was a spectacle of its own delights.

Photo : Loyiso Mzamane

Photo : Loyiso Mzamane

Our two-man crew followed Inge as we headed backstage for a quick brief with a few grizzly members of BEAST. We waited, sucked on nicotine and waited some more and then finally strokes after the midnight hour, BEAST laid foot on stage as the cult following stood ready for an unbeknownst performance. Drunk audience members who shoved each playfully now stood at full salute, brimming.

Featuring the hard and pace full drumming of Sasha Righini (The Plastics) and bassists Louis Nel and Rian Zitsmann (Taxi Violence). The lead vocalist sang, screamed and seduced in tones of dark yet airy and shrill vocals, all of which surpassed the guitar riffs and lingered throughout venues concrete structure.

Myself with camera in hand, stood spell bounded as I transcended with the arousing magnetism of a lady named Inge Beckmann. The quartet had a stage presence, which matched their artistic abilities and came out to rightfully exploit themselves. If I had turned around to glance at the audience reaction, I am positive that I would’ve witnessed the previous performers jot down notes.

Many will draw comparisons to Lark the electronic collective, whom Inge fronted. Many will not have heard of BEAST a fresh-on-the-scene quartet mashed up of members from leading bands .

As a collective the headliners of the night were certainly in their own league, and had undoubtedly gained a couple of fans that like myself, are itching for the release of BEAST’s new material. My critique being that the venue was shy of being a full house. For now it’s a good idea to get your head wrapped around the release of the new Lark album Gong Is Struck after all its probably the closest thing bringing justice to an online review.


Words: Kurt Mullins

Photo: Loyiso Mzamane