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COMPETITION | The Rock ‘n Rollercoaster Presents Inge Beckman

The Assembly has just introduced a new series of events entitled: ‘Assembly Radio Live — The Rock ‘n Rollercoaster Presents…’ Loosely based on VH1 Storytellers and MTV Unplugged, the series will host some of South Africa’s top music acts and offer fans, music fanatics, media and industry insiders the chance to interact with some of...
BEAST: A Band Apart

BEAST: A Band Apart

When life gives you lemons, it’s simply because you deserve it. But when life gives you Inge Beckmann, a camera kit and backstage passes, well then you know it’s about time you gave life something back. This very notion motivated us as we set out to follow the dark-haired vocalist perform gigs at the admirable...
Animators of Lark ft. Haezer - Brave Music Video | Interview

Animators of Lark ft. Haezer – Brave Music Video | Interview

This is a behind the scenes exclusive interview with the makers of Lark feat Haezer‘s new music video ‘Brave‘. Tevan Baitz, Topher Henny and Wynand Lens give a insightful peek into what animation and design essentially entails, on being animators and what it necessiatates to create a project like this. Length 04:39 (May 2012) Animators...
Markus Wormstorm's "Not I, but a friend" Album Launch

Markus Wormstorm’s “Not I, but a friend” Album Launch

Featured in Issue 23 – “Cult of Self” – of one small seed magazine, Markus Wormstorm is a name synonymous with all things electronic. Leigh Vermaak takes us through the night of February the 2nd; it’s the launch of Markus Wormstorm‘s latest album titled Not I, but a friend…
On The Boil at the Fugard Theatre

On The Boil at the Fugard Theatre

It’s one thing to see one potentially good film in an evening out, but what about seeing six. It’s time to introduce you to On The Boil, the short film festival exposing the latest rumblings from our very own talented filmmakers.