On a cold and rainy Friday night in the mother city we were lulled by a new yet familiar sound, entranced by electro and swayed by soul, not to mentioned truly funked by house – our house it seems, borrowed and brought back blue and new and wow and true. ‘Dreamy, shifting rhythmical moody rainbow sounds,’ says Little Dragon’s Facebook page – rainbow sounds indeed, say we.

Oh Little Dragon, Little Dragon how you have stolen our hearts and won over our fickle souls with your earnest, honest and beautiful performance.

Not an achingly slow bar or a loo too few, too far, or even a stolen phone – 16, so far? Nor a lax security or a crowd so mashed, or music to start so smashed and trashed could stop the aching need that us starved South Africans had for this not-so-secret Swedish band… and then came the mercy of Felix La Band… slowing it all down, chilling us all out and finding a space for all of us to co-exist and share a place, with a smile in spite of it all, waiting to fall in love.

And fall in love we did, unanimously, collectively and whole-heartedly.

Little Dragon, Little Dragon – with your love of your art and the whole of your heart you showed us what it means to do it for the love of it; to love it and share it so graciously, to include us and honour us and bring us together with your authentic cool, your robust truth and your magnificent musing music – we will forever be yours.

Thank you adidas and We-Are-Awesome events for trawling and shaking the global online tree and promising the fruits of the forest of abundance to us. Thank you for taking a chance, we salute your bravery and support your efforts wholeheartedly. The choice was awesome, the stage, sound and setting solid, just never forget that when playing the international game, we have to up our entire game – and remember you raised the bar, now you actually need to get us drunk!

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Words: Willow Tale
Images by: Giuseppe