We’ve all stood in amazement before our parents cupboards, staring at their thick tweed coats and slim-brimmed fedoras. We’ve all stared at the flowing gowns our mothers would wear when accompanying our fathers to an event. Care to wonder how we got to leather jackets and Chuck Taylor’s All Stars? Here’s a fun video that explains it all!

Westfield Stradford City's 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds

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Iconic elements – such as leather jackets and Chuck’s — have been modified and moulded through time to eventually become skinny-jeans, nylon jackets and colourful high-tops. Not to mention that our outfits seemed to have gotten a lot shorter and much tighter — it’s as if modesty and class was all the rage up until the late 1960s and became irrelevant after spandex and neon socks.

Westfield Stradford City uploaded this video onto YouTube depicting 100 years of fashion dating from 13 September 1911 up until 13 September 2011. The clip eloquently guides you through the era of classy gentlemen and elegant women to the punk metal look and even the disco era — just to name a few. But what’s more, you’ll be taken aback to see just how your grandparents got down and boogied their way through Electric Avenue!

Words by: Matthew Alexander

What’s your favourite fashion era? Here are some of the comments people left below the video on YouTube, you can click here for more. Feel free to continue the conversation by leaving a comment below or tweeting us at @onesmallseedSA.


I wish it was still the 1910’s to 1940’s fashion…


It’s funny how men and even women back then were so classy and actually were modest.
Funny how people change in such short time.


There is no universal idea of modesty. Modesty changes and is different across different cultures and societies. You probably don’t think that showing a bit of leg up to the knees is immodest, yet for a long time it would have been considered that.

Westfield Stradford City's100 years of fashion in 100 seconds

Screen shot

Westfield Stradford City's 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds

screen shot

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