At one small seed we believe in celebrating emerging creatives, and watching their seeds grow! This is why the 2014 AFDA Awards Ceremony in Cape Town, on the 27th November, peaked our interest.

AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) has

‘produced some of the top film-makers and actors in South Africa today and has made a significant contribution to developing a sustainable local entertainment industry’.

But, back to the young ‘seeds’… We were really impressed with the television and film productions that were honoured, but have decided to share with you the cream of the crop! The winning third year film production was Happy Earth Co! Sit back, relax, and enjoy their 12-minute masterpiece!


Credit where credit is due:
Happy Earth Co won Best Third Year Film Award and the Critics Award, as well as:
Best Screenplay: Hylton Jandrell
Best director: Hylton Jandrell
Best Sound Designer: Joseph Vink
Best Cinematographer: Jake Levy
Best Producer: Henrik Waage Tjore



Speaking from our 9 years of experience in the industry – we offer this advice:

‘Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds’. Gordon B. Hinckley

Take a look at some of the other productions here… You can thank us later for introducing these future entertainment industry leaders to you!