Written by Daniel van Flymen in December 2010, this is a piece is about the current wave of digital-lomo-photography. Daniel shares “I find it interesting for a number of reasons, all of which have their dis/advantages…”
Shiny, Happy, People... The people of Joburg

Shiny, Happy, People… The people of Joburg

Not often do you meet a person who emits an energy that continues to resonate through you. Well Spoek Mathambo is that guy. An Ndebele Prince, a DJ, graphic artist and recently Mshini Wam – Spoek transcends all those petty nationalisms. Berlin. Germany. Miami. New York. He travels the world, making friends and breaking stereotypes, breeding...

FlashBack | Armchair Stand-Ups | Issue12

Stand-up comics: You get a few of them together in an online chat room, ask one straightforward question, and it all just spirals into irreverent bedlam. Sheesh! At least my initial suspicions have been confirmed – these people are all quite thoroughly cooked in the head. Dylan Culhane bears witness to the senselessness… Stand-up comedy...