Worth the Struggle for Syrian Rock Band

‘Music is our universal language, Arabic is our first.’ Headlining the music section this issue is our interview with alternative band Tanjaret Daghet. one small seed magazine / Issue 28 / Digital 03: #OPInTheNameOf Issue, in partnership with PUMA.

ベジタブル・ウェポン | Vegetable Weapons

War gets a punch of parody! Tokyo artist Tsuyoshi Ozawa deconstructs political ideologies with his global project “Vegetable Weapons”. one small seed magazine / Issue 28 / Digital 03: “#OPInTheNameOf” Issue, in partnership with PUMA.

Vagina plaster caster turns to scanning naked body parts

Jamie McCartney, Brighton based artist, perhaps best known for ‘The Great Wall of Vagina’, has delved into photography with ‘The Sum of Our Parts’. The project was exhibited in November 2014 (Hove, U.K), featuring a series of portraits created from many individual body parts that were taken using a scanning machine. ‘The Sum of Our...

Monster Energy Drink video linked to Satan has gone viral!

Over four million people (so far!) have watched a video posted on the 9th of November of a woman explaining how she thinks that the branding of the energy drink is the work of the devil – infiltrating Christian homes!

Die Antwoord’s #uglyboy features: Cara Delevingne, Marilyn Manson, Flea & Dita Von Teese

Die Antwoord have done it again! Their new music video for Ugly Boy features some serious names: Cara Delevingne, Marilyn Manson, Flea, Dita Von Teese, Jack Black, and Aphex. That is all… Nothing left to say!

BANKSY ARREST – we think not!

American National News published an article this morning (20 October 2014) claiming that the famous, yet anonymous, graffiti artist, activist, film director and painter – Banksy – has been arrested by London’s Metropolitan police. Banksy has been allegedly identified as 35 year old, Paul Horner, born in Liverpool.   The National News article has been...


It’s been half a decade since he first poked his tongue at us… We’re still keeping the conversation rolling as we say: ‘Hos Ja, Parow!’. one small seed magazine / Issue 27 / Digital 02: “Big Brands and Famous Artists” Issue, in partnership with PUMA

Apple has become the laughing stock of the techno class. CHECK it out now!

Earlier this week we have posted Apple’s short film Perspective. An amazingly well designed and visualized story that consists of all the incredible Apple tricks. But does the public still believe in Saint Jobs? Below some reactions on the beautifully created world, called “Apple“. 9GAG introduced Apple’s new iLine. They have used the very thing...

Vagina Egg Paintings – ‘PlopEgg’ by Mile Moire’s (Yes, Another Vagina Art Performance)

The latest project coming from performance artist Mile Moire her PlopEgg Painting Performance – a Birth of a Picture. Leaving niceties aside, let’s just say it how it is: she squeezed paint-filled eggs out of her vagina, allowing them to burst colorfully onto blank canvases. Moire’s stage for her performance art was outside of Art...

Spotted Naked Women in New York

33-year-old body artist Trina Merry has been busy turning tricks and a whole lotta heads in NYC. Ms Merry has been meticulously painting women so that they’ll blend in with New York landmarks, from the Guggenheim Museum and Brooklyn Bridge to the towering grey Manhattan skyline. Her lengthy creative process is one that requires both...

The Revolution will not be Televised

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ has left a permanent mark on our modern lexicon. This song by legendary musician and spoken-word artist Gil Scott-Heron – who sadly passed away in 2011 – is a social message advocating equity and justice and the direct action needed to bring them about.          ...

Naked Woman Caresses iconic Nelson Mandela Statue

After doing a little stroll around the popular Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Johannesburg, a woman then decided to pull a Full Monty, going all close-up and personal while she caressed the statue of South Africa’s former president.

Who Hates Hipsters?

It might be difficult to come to terms with, but society is turning on the hipster. The province of British Columbia created billboards in 2012 — to the disdain of many students — to encourage youth to stop being hipsters and get a job. And, more recently, South African brewers Garagista have sent out a...