Global superstars – Rita Ora, David Beckham, Pharrell Williams and Damian Lillard – are at the centre of the adidas Originals Superstar Launch 2015. The provocative movement aims to reclaim the word and meaning of ‘superstar’. In 1969, when adidas first launched the Superstar shoe, the meaning of the word was clear-cut! In today’s world, things are a lot fuzzier!


The iconic adidas Originals Superstar shoe has forged its way through history. From its humble beginnings as highly technical performance footwear designed for basketball courts, to integrating into the hip-hop scene in the ’80s, to various innovations and collaborations, it has always maintained its integrity! In 2015 adidas Originals begins its homage to the shoe that started a movement, with The Superstar Vintage Deluxe.

Even though the Superstar’s quintessential design has its roots in sportswear, the timeless silhouette has broken those boundaries and goes beyond the constant flux of fashion trends. The connections between skateboarding culture, hip-hop, fashion and prominent figures have been prevalent throughout the history of adidas Originals Superstar. Starting with Run-DMC’s endorsement deal with adidas in 1986, which included the track ‘My adidas’ on their bestselling Raising Hell LP. A tune that set the tone for future relationships in the entertainment industry.


And then in the late ’80s, Mark Gonzales signed with the adidas skate team, which legitimized the relationship between skate culture and adidas forever. In 2004 adidas Originals Superstar celebrated their 35th Anniversary with the #SS35 campaign, consisting of 35 collaborative shoes. The final product was the #35 model, which was handmade entirely from the most luxurious leather, right down to the shelltoe and even the outsole! The masterpiece was presented in a large white case adorned with gold-plated hardware and a matching cleaning kit. The few reproductions of the shoe have become collectors’ items, which initiated the inspiration for the following decade of sneaker culture.

Even though adidas Originals Superstar has maintained its authenticity and class, the 21st century environment that we live in has changed the meaning of what it means to be a true superstar. Today, people regard stardom as being referred to by your first name, having fans who are interested in what you eat for breakfast, and how many ‘Likes’ or followers you have. But, for David Beckham, ‘It’s not about trying to be the next big thing.’ Nor is it ‘about having your name on a flag or a jersey’ – pro-basketball player Damian Lillard.


In the short film from adidas Originals called adidas Originals | #OriginalSuperstar, directed by Karim Huu Do, the star-studded cast decree that they are not superstars – turning the 21st century’s concept of what ‘superstar’ means on it’s head. And that’s exactly what the launch of adidas Originals Superstar is all about. When David Beckham started out, all he wanted was to be the best football player he could be, and Pharrell had a compelling need to create music. Fame was just a by-product of their originality, hard work and dedication!

For the adidas Originals Superstar Launch 2015, the message leaves no room for misinterpretation: being a true superstar is being original and having the courage to create without external validation. With your pair of adidas Originals Superstar’s, laced up or down and placing you firmly on the ground, you can be the #originalsuperstar you were born to be!

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