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Designer-illustrator Sophia Chang collaborates with PUMA to create an exclusive Brooklyn-inspired collection. Watch the video! one small seed magazine / Issue 27 / Digital 02: “Big Brands and Famous Artists” Issue, in partnership with PUMA


It’s been half a decade since he first poked his tongue at us… We’re still keeping the conversation rolling as we say: ‘Hos Ja, Parow!’. one small seed magazine / Issue 27 / Digital 02: “Big Brands and Famous Artists” Issue, in partnership with PUMA


Hennessy pours Fairey a collaboration invitation. one small seed magazine / Issue 27 / Digital 02: “Big Brands and Famous Artists” Issue, in partnership with PUMA

From a strangled chicken to floating ostrich feathers – Frauke continues the Legacy of Butoh

The ‘dance of darkness’ (Ankoku Butoh) developed in Japan 1959 from the ashes that the second world war littered the earth with. Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno were the founders and caused huge outrage with their first performance piece called Kinjiki (Forbidden Colours). Not only did the performers explore homosexuality in the work, but a...

From Penn’s ‘Capote’ to Warhol’s ‘Marilyn': “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich” Tributes History’s Photographic Greats

15 years since the iconic “Being John Malkovich” came to our screens, American photographer Sandro Miller has collaborated with the actor, which is also his  long-time friend, John Malkovich to recreate some of the most famous portraits captured throughout history.The project, which is titled Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters.

Apple has become the laughing stock of the techno class. CHECK it out now!

Earlier this week we have posted Apple’s short film Perspective. An amazingly well designed and visualized story that consists of all the incredible Apple tricks. But does the public still believe in Saint Jobs? Below some reactions on the beautifully created world, called “Apple“. 9GAG introduced Apple’s new iLine. They have used the very thing...

Apple Cares About You (& Your Life Savings)

Before you log onto Facebook today, take a look under your chair. Did you get an Apple product? Nothing? Yeah, these kinda apples don’t usually chill under chairs. While Oprah and her magic chairs might be a no-more with the show having come to an end, it hasn’t stopped Apple from showcasing why they remain...

Win the el Jimador 100% Agave Surfboard

Here’s one awesome FYI for you to swallow:el Jimador 100% Agave Tequila makes surfboards out of the Tequila Plant! That’s correct! Better yet, five beautiful 100% agave surfboards were crafted and we have one to give away! Read on to see how to enter, and who knows — it might be you surfing on tequila...

Vagina Egg Paintings – ‘PlopEgg’ by Mile Moire’s (Yes, Another Vagina Art Performance)

The latest project coming from performance artist Mile Moire her PlopEgg Painting Performance – a Birth of a Picture. Leaving niceties aside, let’s just say it how it is: she squeezed paint-filled eggs out of her vagina, allowing them to burst colorfully onto blank canvases. Moire’s stage for her performance art was outside of Art...

The Revolution will not be Televised

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ has left a permanent mark on our modern lexicon. This song by legendary musician and spoken-word artist Gil Scott-Heron – who sadly passed away in 2011 – is a social message advocating equity and justice and the direct action needed to bring them about.          ...

Exclusive Video Interview with ex-gang member of the Pollsmoor 28s

For one small seed exclusive insider’s account, writer Paul White tells the story of an ex-gang member of the Pollsmoor 28s, part of the infamous South African Number Gangs feared around the world. His name is Joburg

#YourINK – Part I: Win a Professional Photo Shoot & Levi’s Gear

Would you like to see yourself and your tattoos in a future issue of Cult of Self Magazine?

Cult of Self Magazine – Issue 02

After receiving great feedback for our first issue, we’re proud to give you Issue 02 of Cult of Self Magazine. From café racers and customized bikes to tattoos and skateboarding, the content reflects our aim: to represent, nurture and inspire subcultures that celebrate self-awareness through visual style. Just some of the highlights in this issue...